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What about a Warranty?

Ensure that your window product is warranted against defects. Learn about the warranty features, including the period of warranty, the potential defects covered and how defect are rectified. If possible, ask your window dealer for a copy of the warranty terms. The most common defect in windows today is the seal breaking in an insulated glass unit and condensation (or “fogging”) appearing between the panes of glass. If not covered under warranty, this glass can be a bit pricey to replace. The better warranties will offer coverage for both parts and labor, a longer coverage period, such as a “lifetime” to the original purchaser, and some extra features. Some manufacturers provide “transferable” or “glass breakage” warranty features. A transferable feature acts as a good selling point to a potential homebuyer, as the warranty features can be transferred to a buyer. A glass breakage warranty can save a customer the pricey cost of replacing broken window glass in many instances.


Labor Warranty/Guarantees: Please contact us. Warranties are dependent upon the product type and work performed.

See our Manufacturers Warranties HERE

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