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Self-Cleaning Glass

Since 1883, PPG Glass Technologies has been making glass and advanced in window technology, such as Sungate low-e glass and Solarban solar control low-e glass. SunClean self-cleaning glass allows the homeowner to spend less time washing their windows while giving their windows a clearer view. SunClean glass has a durable, transparent coating that is bonded to the outer surface of the glass during the glass manufacturing process. The coating utilizes two natural resources to initiate and maintain SunClean Glass' self-cleaning feature__the sun's ultraviolet rays and water. The ultraviolet light from the sun energizes the SunClean self-cleaning glass coating to help slowly decompose and loosen dirt and other organic material. Since ultraviolet light is abundant, even on cloudy days or in shaded areas, this process works non-stop throughout the day. The loosened dirt and other material then easily rinse away in water. Without the SunClean coating, water normally beads up and causes water spots once dry. The SunClean coating makes water droplets spread out, or sheet, accross the surface of the glass. When rain or a light spray of water then hit the window glass, the water helps to more effectively rinse away loosened dirt and matter. The sheeting action helps the window glass to dry quickly with minimal spotting and streaking.  Contact us for more information on self-cleaning glass packages.

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